Most Expensive Customized Honda Gold Wing Bikes Imported to Islamabad

Highly expensive customized bikes have been imported to Pakistan by Ryders Islamabad. Ryders Islamabad is basically a luxury bike retailer located in Islamabad. The company has imported the 2014 Honda Gold Wing in Islamabad. The customizations done in the bike are worth $22,010 which is almost 2,706,349 in Pakistani rupees. The cost of the bike has not been included in it, this is solely the customizations price. The bike price ranges from $9,999 – $21,999 in the global market.

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The Honda Gold Wing is famous for being by far the best touring bikes at present. The bike leaves a lot of room for customization, modification, and enhancement. Bike owners can add changes to it as per their requirements.

The customizations done to the bike include $16000 worth Prowler RT Trike Kit, $4500 worth Cargo Trailor, $1600 worth Cobra Exhausts, $250 worth Custom Wind Shield, $500 worth Custom Leather seats, $300 worth Custom foot Boards and $300 worth Rear Spoiler.

The bike before customization looked like this

After the customization, the bike appeared like this

Honda Gold Wing is the most reliable and advanced touring bikes. It has been in production for over 40 years. The bike offers supreme performance, comfort, and refinement. It is easy to handle with its 4- or 6- cylinder horizontally-opposed engine and its aerodynamic body which is coupled with other amazing features.

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