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Mosquito Tracking App Launched to Assist Govt in Learning More About Mosquitoes

mosquito tracking app

For learning more about mosquitoes, the National Institute of Health (NIH) has introduced a mosquito tracking app. The app is Android-based, dubbed as—Mosquitoes Alert and is launched in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, mosquitoes are associated with many diseases like malaria and dengue. They are taken as vectors for many viruses and parasites.

The idea behind the launch of this application is to assist people in learning about the many types of mosquitoes in their localities and the type of diseases these insects could cause.

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The application could be downloaded easily on mobile phones. All one has to do is to take a snap of the type pf mosquitoes in the area and send it to NIH. The name of the area must also be mentioned.

The institute would then be sending a team to the particular locality for tracing the magnitude of burden linked to the various mosquito species.

As per the NIH website, this information is significant for creating a participatory alert system for improving the mosquito’s species management, raising awareness among general public and for minimizing the risk of disease transmission.

The initiative of launching such an app by NIH might sound funny and silly to some, but actually it indeed is a good step for taking preventive measures from dieases that are spread by mosquitoes.

Every year many people in Pakistan are affected by the diseases like dengue and malaria and many a times some people even lose their lives because of dengue.

It is an applaudable measure taken by NIH. We hope that this step may help in barring the spread of mosquito related diseases.

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