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Mosques will be Closed if Coronavirus Spreads in Ramadan

PM Imran Khan has advised people to pray in Mosques during Ramadan. Also, he has given warning that if coronavirus spreads in a Mosque they will be closed.

While chairing a high-level meeting discussing coronavirus situation and related matters he expressed these views.

Imran said that just like Pakistan other Islamic countries have also urged their public to stay at home and pray. Furthermore, he said that the lockdown restrictions can relax a bit gradually.

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He said, “We are trying our best to ease difficulties being faced by the people during these difficult times.”

Adding, “In an independent society we cannot stop people from going to mosques,” said the premier. The PM said the government has formed a strategy through consultation with Ulema for congregational prayers in Ramazan so that Muslims can say prayers in mosques. “But I will urge people to offer prayers at their homes.”

Furthermore, PM Khan said, “If the virus spreads, we will have no other option but to impose a ban on congregational prayers.”

 “And if the virus spread due to violation of the safety precautions, then the mosques would have to be shut down, which none wanted. Earlier, he launched the Ehsaas Ration Portal to provide food to the families affected by the virus. Data on the deserving families would be collected and the process would be made transparent.”

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