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Mosque on Wheels Developed in Japan – Pictures & Video

A mobile Mosque has been developed in Japan to help the Muslims who will visit Japan during Summer Olympics 2020. Almost 50 worshippers will be able to offer prayers on the Mobile Mosque at one time.

In Japan Muslim population is in between 100,000 and 200,000. It is low in comparison to the total population of the country thus mosques are only in limited areas. So those Muslims who will be attending the event will be facilitated through Mosque on Wheels. A water basin is placed inside the Mosque that will enable Muslims to perform ablution before praying.

Yasuharu Inoue, the Executive Committee Chairman of the Mobile Mosque project, said, “The idea of religion in Japan can be a bit complicated. But as an open and hospitable country, we want to share the idea of omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) with Muslim people. That is why we developed the Mobile Mosque.”

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Inous hopes that the project will enhance cooperation and fill the gap in religious infrastructure. He said, “Going forward, I would be so happy if people from Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, the Middle East and, for example, refugees who are coming from Syria are able to use the mosque as a tool to promote world peace.”

Here is the video of the Mosque

A Japanese guest Tatsuya Sakaguchi was hopeful that the Mobile Mosque would help open people’s minds globally. Sakaguchi, the representative director of an Osaka retail company said, “Looking in from the outside at the people in the mosque, they looked very happy.”