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More Than Half A Million Pakistanis Deported from 134 Nations in 5 Years; Report

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As per the latest report issued from the Interior Ministry, more than half a million Pakistanis have been deported from 134 countries across the world in the last 5 years.

As per the statistics provided by the Interior Ministry indicate that a total of 519,000 Pakistani nationals have been deported from the different nations since 2014.

The deportees have returned from the various nations with multiple charges, which includes the charges of forgery of documents and many criminal convictions. At the top of the long list of the nations are the Muslim states which includes, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

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The report further indicates that besides these expulsions, at least 65,000 unlawful immigrants are still imprisoned at the deportee camps of Turkey and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia tops the list of the countries that have expelled more than 325,000 Pakistanis since 2014, while the United Arab Emirates is on the second number, deporting more than 52,000 Pakistanis during the same span.

Nearly 47,000 Pakistanis, residing unlawfully in Oman and Turkey have returned back to their homes during these years.

In the same way, 18,312 Pakistanis were expelled from Malaysia, 17,534 from Greece 15,320 from Britain, 445 from Canada, 936 from the United States, 15,413 from Iran, 275 from China and 920 from Germany in between 2014 and 2019.

A large portion of Pakistanis who unlawfully immigrated to the European nations were also sent back. Italy deported the highest number of Pakistanis, in numbers 945.

In the meantime, France expelled 845, Switzerland expelled 65, Romania 165, Bulgaria 175, Norway 301, Belgium 375, Sweden 112, Austria 270 and Netherlands 145.

A large portion of these deportees has been subjected to human trafficking groups working actively in Pakistan. So far, the Interior Ministry has identified more than 1000 such groups in the nation.

The traffickers often hunt for people who want to go abroad in search of a better life and more suitable employment opportunities.

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