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More Than 5,500 Transgender Persons Among 1.9 million Applicants for the Housing Scheme

Transgender Persons

More than 5,500 transgender persons are among the 1.9 million applicants that have applied for the Naya Housing Pakistan Scheme, as indicated by data released by NADRA.

The applicants include 184,355 slum dwellers, 9,325 divorced women, 34,654 widows and 715,473 people from the labour class.

The pace of the registration for the programme has witnessed a surge as the last date has drawn near. The government has set 15th December as the last data after one month’s extension as was announced last month.

As per the spokesperson of NADRA, applications in countable numbers are being received throughout the nation. The programme is aimed at translating the vision of the PM under which the poor segments of the society would be getting their own homes on easy instalments.

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NADRA is offering services for registration via its countrywide e-Sahulat network, other than its online registration via its website.

As per a spokesperson, so far more than 1.91 million people have got themselves registered for the programme, out of which 1 million has availed the facility of the online registration.

The spokesperson also informed that the people of Islamabad has topped the list of the applicants in the second phase of the programme with 259,276 applications. He said that there are 22,089 applicants from the district of Lahore, 121,759 from the various districts of Karachi, 57,442 from Bahawalpur districts, 77,569 from Multan and 44,685 from Peshawar.

NADRA has asked the intending applicants for not waiting for the last date and get themselves registered by submitting a nominal fee of Rs.250 at any e-Sahulat franchise.

The overseas Pakistanis and other people who wish to own their houses on instalments could also apply online through sitting in their homes by accessing the website of NADRA and that too without any extra fee.

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