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More Than 50percent Families Cannot Have 2 Meals A Day

2 meals a day

Almost half of all the households in Pakistan are not able to meet their nutritional requirements, the first-ever survey of its kind in the country has unveiled. The survey has indicated that more than 50percent families cannot have 2 meals a day.

As per the National Nutrition Survey 2018, poverty keeps more than 50percent of Pakistani families from having 2 meals a day, leading to extreme dietary deficiencies.

As a result, as many as 40.2percent of all the children in the nation are affected by chronic malnutrition and stunted growth, which blocks both the physical and cognitive development, the activity was done by the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS).

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The survey also found that 36.9percent of the households in Pakistan remain food insecure and lack trustworthy access to affordable nutritious food in sufficient quantities.

For combating the nutritional emergency on an immediate basis, the federal government has already prepared a food fortification bill for the first time in the history of Pakistan, as per the Pakistan Paediatric Association—PPZ Secretary-General Dr Khalid Shafi.

The bill among the other things would be making the addition of micronutrients in the commodities like ghee and flour a must, he informed.

The purpose of the survey, which would be released publicly today in a ceremony in Karachi, is to draw the attention of policymaking institutes the ever-expanding problem of malnutrition among the children of Pakistan.

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