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More Than 50 Hospitalised After Chemical Leak at Karachi Engro Factory

Karachi Engro Factory

More than 50 people have been hospitalised after chemical leak at Karachi Engro Factory. As per sources, there has been a gas leak at the Engro Polymer and Chemicals Limited (EPCL) factory situated in Bin Qasim.

19 people were hospitalised at the Pakistan Steel Mills hospital and 36 were taken to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre. The executive director of the hospital, Dr Seemin Jamali has given confirmation about the arrival of cases and has also stated that the condition of the affected people is stable.

An unspecified number of people were also taken to the two nearby private hospitals.

Engro Polymer is a terminal and storage facility for bulk liquid chemicals and LPG as per its website. Mohammad Waqas, the member of the communications team of Engro Corp has informed that the gas leak occurred around 10:15 am.

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He said that it was a chlorine gas leak, not an LPG leak and added that everyone was evacuated. The people complained of nausea and vomiting. He also said that no casualties have been reported.

The technical team of the company is investigating the causes of leakage.

Waqas also said that the activities at the plant have restarted and that Engro would be conducting a complete and detailed investigation of the incident. It mentioned in a statement that the company would keep all the stakeholders informed regarding the details of the incident.

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