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More than 30,000 Phones Snatched in Karachi in 2019; Report

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As per a report generated by the Citizens-police Liaison Committee (CPLC) regarding the snatching cases in Karachi so for this year, more than 30,000 phones have been snatched on gunpoint.

The report showed, the number of phones snatched this year during the street crimes is around 36,320.

Apart from the cell phones 21,000 motorbikes and 13,000 cars were taken on gun point and some of them were stolen.

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CPLC compared the reports of January 2018 and January 2019 and ended up seeing a rise in street crimes in 2019.

 In April, CPLC (Citizens Police Liaison Committee) reported 9,664 citizens were deprived of their mobile phones in the street crime incidents.

CPLC reported that in the last 3 months, almost sixty people which included policemen were killed in these incidents along with the snatching of 9,664 mobile phones, 5,813 bikes, and 345 cars.

The report further showed 2 instant cases of bank robbery and 8 extortion complaints were received.

Sindh Police has setup a Street Watch Force in order to reduce the rate of street crime in Karachi.

1,870 police personnel have been prepared to perform their duty on bikes and stop the rising rate of street crime.

In a recent development, Sheikh Rasheed has referred to Pakistan China friendship as the bond that is greater than the Himalayas.

He lauded the support of China during every tough time that Pakistan had to go through.

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