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More Than 200 Power Feeders Trip in Mid of Winter Showers

200 power feeders

More than 200 power feeders tripped due to the continued rainfall in the city of Lahore, resulting in extended power failure in some localities including Defence and Ghazi road.

The uninterrupted rain spell has affected upon the performance of LESCO, resulting in tripping of more than 200 feeders throughout Lahore, Raiwind, Sheikhupura and Kasur, leading to power discontinuation of short duration in many parts of the city. But some areas faced power outage of more than 10 hours as the issue was not resolved by the teams of LESCO on an immediate basis.

On Monday various parts of the city and neighboring areas suffered power suspension for some hours after 200 power feeders tripped owing to winter showers. But, the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LECSO) claimed to have regained back most of the feeders.

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As per official sources, the tripped feeders include 70 in the provincial capital of Lahore and the rest in the rural areas of Sheikhupura, Kasur and Nanka Sahib. The tripping of feeders affected the power distribution in both the urban and rural areas of Lahore and the neighbouring districts.

The official of LESCO claimed that by 7pm, the teams of LESCO had regained most of the feeders, thus electricity was restored in the different affected parts of the district.

As per the officials of LESCO after rains in Lahore, more than 200 feeders were tripped. He further informed that the field staff has been deputed for the restoration of power supply to the affected localities.

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