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More Than 10,000 Torrent Websites Blocked to Save India’s Most Expensive Film

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Indian courts have given out the most high-volume blocking order ever. They have banned more than 10,000 torrent websites of the country to protect India’s most expensive movie ever.

A total of 12,564 websites have been banned in India, as per TorrentFreak. The step has been taken in an attempt to halt the people from distributing leaks of 2.0—a brand new Indian film.

As per reports, the movie is claimed to be the most expensive one ever made in the county and has been released in mid of a burst of publicity.

Studios have this fear that the people would be distributing the movie online, leaking it and acquiring it free of cost rather than paying for the movie to see it in cinemas.

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Even after the extensive block, the film is believed to be circulating online and is readily available via the torrenting sites.

Nearly, thirty-seven firms would now have to ban all of their users from accessing those websites, for keeping the film protected.

It is like a crackdown on the internet sites that the general public could access easily. The nation has been introducing aggressive crackdowns on the pornographic and adult content websites, to board criticism.

The preventative directive, which was issued before the film was actually released, is considered to be one of the most extensive order ever to be given out by the Indian courts.

Besides the wide range of sites being covered by the order, it is important to mention that many of the websites covered had not even started offering the film yet.

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