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More Online Transport Firms Considering to Introduce Services in Sindh

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The Sindh Transport and Mass Transit Minister—Awais Shah has said that besides the newly launched services of Airlift and other online transport services like Swvl, some other online transport firms are considering to introduce their services in Karachi and would be making the market highly competitive with the launch of these services.

He said that although the economic situation of the country is not conducive, the private sector firms are investing in the transport sector of Pakistan, which is a positive measure. Hence, the government of Sindh would be doing everything possible for facilitating these firms.

While talking to the media during the official launch of Airlift, Shah said that the province of Sindh is the first one in the country to legislate laws for bringing online transport services within the lawful framework.

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He added that the laws for online transport firms would be business-friendly to boost more investment in the sector.

While explaining the government’s position the provincial minister mentioned that these services were being formed and the government was planning to facilitate the passengers with better travel facilities.

He said that they assure the private firms, which would be offering this service in Karachi or other cities, that they would be receiving all possible support from the government. He also mentioned that these firms are doing their duty as comfortable and accessible transportation facility to the public is the responsibility of the government.

He also addressed the reports indicating that the government of Sindh is planning to place a ban on the online transport service and said that they encourage these transport firms so that they could bring the maximum count of facilities to the public.

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