More Inclusive Experience with Various Skin Tones Comes To Gmail’s Emoji Picker

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Gmail has recently enhanced its emoji picker, bringing in a more inclusive range of emojis with various skin tones. This update allows users to express themselves more authentically and accurately through emojis that resonate with their identities.

The update is automatically activated, meaning users can immediately access and utilize the more inclusive range of emojis as they communicate via Gmail​. This new feature comes as part of an update released on October 25, 2023, giving users the ability to access a more complete emoji selection and set their preferences for emoji skin tone and gender within Gmail​.

To access this feature, users need to click on the emoji icon located in the bottom toolbar of their email draft. They then select the arrow in the bottom right corner of an emoji, which allows them to choose their skin tone or gender preference for that particular emoji​. This update simplifies emoji usage by eliminating the need for external sources, and introduces a user-friendly dropdown menu, making the process of selecting emojis more straightforward and personalized​.

This feature is available on Gmail on the web, where a button in the toolbar of Gmail’s compose window opens the emoji picker. This step by Google is a significant move towards ensuring that Gmail’s user interface is more inclusive and reflective of diverse user identities​.

This update aligns with various tech platforms’ ongoing efforts to make digital communication more inclusive and representative of global user diversity. By providing a broader range of emoji skin tones and gender preferences, Gmail is enabling users to communicate in a more personalized and inclusive manner.

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