More images of OPPO Find N3 leaked ahead of launch

More photos of the OPPO Find N3 have just surfaced. A well-known tipper named Evan Blass has released two new images. While the second one provides us a glimpse at the actual device, the first one only shows us a render of it.

More photos of the OPPO Find N3 are visible before launch

The device’s gold color is depicted in the first picture. Even though the phone is open in this picture, we can only see the rear. So, its cameras and cover display are visible.

On the rear, there are three cameras that are all part of the same camera, Oreo. We can tell from its shape that one of the cameras is a periscope telephoto device. There is also Hasselblad branding here. The cover display does have relatively slim bezels and a hole in the center for the display camera. The phone’s buttons are also seen here, and its power/lock key will probably function as a fingerprint reader.

A real-life picture of device also appeared

As the picture displays, this item has a vegan leather backplate and is available in black. The glass backplate of the gold model is included. It appears that this color scheme, right down to the frame colors, is the same one that OPPO employed on the OPPO Find N2 that we evaluated. Based on this, we can say that the color scheme still looks fantastic on the Find N3.

Currently, a new “independent security chip” that will deliver cutting-edge hardware-level security is also claimed to be present in the OPPO Find N3. On October 19, the same day that the OnePlus Open will be released, the OPPO Find N3 will go on sale. Those two devices will have an identical layout.

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