More Android applications will soon be available for Galaxy Books running Windows 11

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 Alpha

The tech world was surprised when Microsoft announced that Windows 11 will be compatible with Android apps. Although the news was shocking things were different on a practical basis since only a few apps were available on Windows 11. In order to install the Android apps on Windows 11, users were required to install the Amazon AppStore.

This is not just the only thing both companies i.e., Microsoft and Amazon had their own limitations. Only a few developers were allowed to publish their apps on the dedicated Appstore. But now in accordance with fresh pieces of information things are going to change. All developers can now publish their apps on the Appstore suggesting that the number of Android apps will significantly increase.

The latest announcement indicates that all the restrictions and limitations have been removed. Developers can now submit their apps to Windows. Previously, due to limitations only 20,000 apps were provided on the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11. Additionally, the apps were only supported in 31 countries. But now the number of Android apps on Windows 11 will increase given that Microsoft and Amazon have open their doors to developers.

It should be noted that Android support for the Windows 11 feature is currently considered to be in the preview stage and is not yet available on the stable channel. On the other hand, the Google Play Store host over 3.5 million Android apps. But now more apps will be available on Microsoft’s OS soon.

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