Moon Can Escape Earth’s Orbit and Become a Ploonet

‘Ploonet’, a global researchers team has proposed a new type of world. A former moon that escapes Earth’s orbit and starts circling its host star becomes a ‘Ploonet’.

As per the team, the ploonets will be able to explain different astronomical phenomenon and our Moon could one day become a ploonet.

Hot Jupiters orbit quite close to their host stars. But, as per a few astronomers they could have formed on the outskirts of their solar systems and migrated inward.

Ploonets can explain many unusual astronomical phenomena. Icy moon’s water can evaporate as it escapes its planet’s orbit and moves towards its star. The path of a planet across its star can explain how a few stars seem to flicker.

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Similarly, a ploonet that crashes into its former host could create debris that can explain the weird things that are found around some exoplanets.

Mario Sucerquia, a researcher said, “Those structures [rings and flickers] have been discovered, have been observed. We just propose a natural mechanism to explain [them].”

Coming to Earth’s own planet, Sucerquia said, it “is a potential ploonet” as it moves around 4cm away from Earth every year. In around 5 billion years it would break free of Earth’s orbit at this speed.

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