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Momina Mustehsan asks Ali Zafar to apologise Over Sexual Harassment Accusations

After Meesha Shafi’s bold and open accusation of harassment against Ali Zafar, many celebrities have come out and have started pouring in their views regarding the allegations and the #MeToo movement.

Momina Mustehsan is one such celebrity who did not refrain from speaking her mind out, she released a carefully drafted statement on the matter that seems to have left a lot open to interpretation.

As per the statement released by the young singer well-loved by the nation on her social media accounts, Mustehsan wrote that she too had experienced harassment and that this issue is much bigger than just Ali Zafar.

She continued by saying that the whole issue is about the relationship of trust that men take too casually with women. She said it is seen mostly that women are violated generally by the men she knows.

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She further added that harassment not necessarily means rape, and it takes a lot of courage for a woman to come out and say it all.

Regarding the victim-shaming that other women on social media platforms have faced she said that she personally has much to lose than she would ever be gaining from it, but the cause is much bigger than any one man or woman. She added that it is about dignity and humanity, honour and equality.

She said that she prays that may the people would stand by the one who has been violated and has suffered.

Momina Mustehsan said that she had been reading a question a lot that why to wait for so much time before saying anything, to this she said that it is because our society instead of shaming the culprit starts shaming the victim. Also, there is social pressure for not saying anything and keeping such matters private because raising stuff like this leads to questions on the character of women knowing completely that the cases of physical harassment could not be proved and hence results in women pulling back their case, affecting their lives, families, careers and all.

She pleaded and asked everyone to become a support system for women and help them in rising. And hoped that all men reading this statement would agree that harassment of any kind is not okay.

She then directly addressed Ali Zafar and said that if he had in any way intentionally or unintentionally violated a woman in any way or form then she requested him to acknowledge his fault, apologize and learn from the made mistakes.

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