Mohmand Dam to Reach Completion Before 2024 Flood Season – Research Snipers

Mohmand Dam to Reach Completion Before 2024 Flood Season

mohmand dam

The multi-purpose Mohmand dam would be ready before the flood season of 2024 as work is in full swing.

As per official sources the approximated cost of the dam is two hundred and ninety-one billion rupees and it would take nearly 5 years to complete.

They said that the Water and Power Development Authority would give 67percent fund for the project while the remaining 37percent would be given by the government.

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On the completion of the project, it would store nearly 1.2 million acre feet of water, for generating 800 megawatt of low cost-hydel electricity and assist in mitigating floods in Naushera, Peshawar and Charsadda.

On the other hand the Prime Minister Imran Khan has officially approved to divide the Civil Aviation Authority into further divisions.

It has also decided to outsource the services’ division of the airport.

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