Mohammad Salah To Be Awarded with A Piece of Land in Mecca

Mohammad Salah—the Liverpool star would be awarded for winning the PFA Player of the Year award with a piece of land in the holiest and prestigious lands of Mecca.

Fahd Al-Rowky—the vice president of the local municipality in Mecca—Saudi Arabia, told about his plans to the national outlet Sabq. He informed that the Egyptian is an excellent ambassador for the religion Islam in the United Kingdom and the move of awarding Salah would display support for the young people who have got great potential.

He further mentioned that there are many options relating the awarding of a piece of land. The way to adopt would be as suggested and determined by the captain Mohammad Salah and as by the Saudi Arabia system. If the Saudi system would permit, the land ownership to Salah, he would then be given a piece of land in Holy city Mecca outside the premises of Haram. The other option would be to have a mosque built on the holy land in his name.

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Another option, if Salah requests for it, would then be to sell the land and give forward the proceeds.

The twenty-five-year-old has had an epic first season at Anfield, according to the UEFA Champions League’s official Twitter account:

Salah featured in the Champions League on Tuesday as performed immensely well by stealing two goals and helping Liverpool to take a 5-2 lead against Roma in their semi-final.

Mohammad Salah was appreciated for his efforts by Leanne Prescott—a football writer.

The performance came following his getting the Player of the Year award on Sunday, which made him the third Muslim player in a row to win the award after Riyad Mahrez in 2016 and N’Golo Kante in 2017.

Salah outshined both in the Premier League and Champions Leagues this season with his phenomenal performances and has been a good example off the field as well.

Mohammad Salah is also involved in charity work for his local community in Egypt which has also assisted many people in gaining access to better education and healthcare facilities.

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