Model’s Naked Pose Above Jerusalem Shrine Sparks Anger

A model of Belgium has angered the rabbi of Jerusalem’s Western Wall with her picture in which she was posing naked on a rooftop overseeing the Jewish shrine.

The photo was published in a Belgian newspaper—HLN, which showed a twenty-six-year-old Marisa Papen tilting back naked on a recliner, face elevated towards the sun.

As per a blog post authorised as “The Wall of Shame”, Papen has defended the series of her vulgar photos taken on a three-day road trip via Israel, travelling from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

She posted that she is fully aware that her mailbox would get flooded with threats and outrage again. She further wrote that all the ones typing their anger must save their energy, as she does not even open their messages.

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Behind and below her there were many worshippers seen at the old wall in the Old City, which is the holiest place of the Jews where they could pray.

The photo shoot was condemned as per a statement made by a rabbi—Shmuel Rabinowitz, he referred to the incident as highly insulting, serious and upsetting—which challenges the holiness of the place and the feelings of the ones visiting it.

Last year the same model Papen was imprisoned for twenty-four hours in Egypt after she posed nude in front of the Karnak Temple, as per her website, which is a travelogue of her naked poses shot throughout the world.

The Western Wall is situated next to to the flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound—which is sacred both for the Muslims and Jews.

Jews consider the wall as the last remnant of the biblical Jewish temple.

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