Mobilink SMS Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly 2019

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In Pakistan, Mobilink is the largest mobile operator. It has over 55 million subscribers in Pakistan. Since its inception, almost 20 years back, Mobilink has maintained market leadership, customer service, and solution-oriented offers. In this article, we will tell our readers about the Mobilink SMS packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2018-19.

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Mobilink SMS Monthly Packages

Mobilink monthly SMS packages are very useful and bring other useful resources with it e.g. free on-net minutes, free off-net minutes and Free MBs of data. The monthly packages are best for users who wish to use other resources as well along with their normal SMS resources. Here are the details what other resources you will get with each listed package, what is the price and how to subscribe for a package.

PackagePriceFree ResourcesValiditySubscription Code
Mobilink Monthly SMSRs.60SMS=12000
WhatsApp=5000MB FUP
30 days*101*1*02#
Mobilink Monthly Hybrid PackageRs.370SMS=6000
On-net minutes=6000
Free MBs=600
30 days*430#
Mobilink Monthly All rounder packageRs.499SMS=200
Free Off-net minutes=200
Free MBs=5000
30 days*2000#
Mobilink Monthly Super Duper PackageRs.499SMS=1500
On-net minutes=1500
Off-net minutes=100
Free MBs=2000
30 days*706#
Mobilink Super Dooper Plus OfferRs.625SMS=2000
On-net minutes=2000
Off-net minutes=200
Free MBs=4000
30 days*707#
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Mobilink Weekly SMS Packages

The Weekly SMS packages are almost similar to Monthly packages however, these packages come with fewer resources and lesser price. It is suitable for students and people who do not spend on long monthly packages.

PackagePriceFree ResourcesValiditySubscription Code
Mobilink Weekly SMS PackageRs.15SMS=1200
7 days*101*1*07#
Mobilink Haftawar PackageRs.75SMS=700
On-net minutes=700
Free MBs=70
7 days*407#
Mobilink Weekly All Network PackageRs.120SMS=700
Free Off-net minutes=700
Off-net minutes=50
Free MBs=250
7 days*700#
Mobilink Weekly Super Duper offerRs.150SMS=1000
On-net minutes=1000
Off-net minutes=25
Free MBs=1000
7 days*770#

Mobilink Daily SMS Packages

The daily SMS packages mainly focuses on the SMS, if you wish to only use the SMS service all day along then these packages come with minimum price and handful of SMS resources.

PackagePriceFree ResourcesValiditySubscription CodeUnsubscribe
Mobilink SMS PlusRs.2.38SMS=150
1 day*106*1#*106*4#
Mobilink Daily PackageRs.4.77SMS=12001 day*101*1*01#*101*4*01#
Mobilink Daily SMS & WhatsApp PackageRs.6SMS=1800
WhatsApp MBs=10
1 day*334#
Mobilink Day PackageRs.10SMS=150
On-net minutes=10000
Free MBs valid for 20 days
1 day*340#

Terms and Conditions may apply

As the companies keep changing their policies, terms and conditions, the terms and conditions may apply on the above mentioned packages from time to time, it is advised you visit Mobilink official website to check for terms and conditions apply to your packages.

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