Mobile Registration and Tax Payment Portals to Launch Soon in Pakistan

1 phone a year

Government is ready to launch mobile registration and tax payments portals to facilitate the public. Through these portals citizens will be able to registers and pay taxes on the mobiles phones they purchased from a foreign nation.

Once this system is launched it will facilitate the international travelers who have more than one phone with them. They will be able to sign on the portal and submit their phones for registration.

An IMEI will be requested for verification. It will be checked whether the IMEI is unique or it is already registered in stolen devices list. Once the phone has passed all the tests the IMEI will be whitelisted and it will be registered under the traveler’s name.

Earlier, on the orders of the Senate, PTA delayed the Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) implementation. Now once the new mobile registration and tax payment portals are launched, they will further facilitate the public.

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Those travelers who are coming to Pakistan, bringing phones with them and wish to pay the custom tax a Payment Slip Identity (PSID) code will be generated and the travelers will be able to pay through any known bank, ATM or mobile wallet.

So passengers can bring phones with them and not get stuck with custom officials. For this it is important that they get their phones registered 15 days before their arrival.

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