Mobile Phones Registration with PTA – Unregistered Phones to get blocked after October 20th

According to the announcement by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) the Dev­ice Identification, Registra­tion and Blocking System (DIRBS) will become operational on 20th October.

Mobile Phones Registration with PTA – Unregistered Phones to get blocked after October 20th

PTA’s director general for services, Talib Dogar said, “We recommend that consumers buy only PTA-approved phone sets after Oct 20. A consumer should text the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number printed on the box of a new handset to 8484. But he or she should pay for the handset only after (s)he receives a reply that the set is compliant with the regulatory standards.”

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DIRBS will allow the relevant authorities to resolve issues of fake devices that negatively affect distributors, makers, government and the consumers. The devices that are not registered with Global System for Mobile Association (GSMA) may now face the music.

Mr Dogar further said, “However a consumer, who inserts a SIM card other than the one (s)he was using before Oct 20 in a non-compliant mobile device after the amnesty period, will be required to register the phone’s IMEI with PTA within two weeks to be able to continue using the handset.”

Also, those consumers who had bought their phones abroad will now have to register with PTA’s DIRBS website.

Dogar said, “In exceptional cases, such users on roaming services, they will continue to use their phones without interruption. However, as soon as they insert a local SIM they will have to register their mobile devices with PTA.”

Furthermore, PTA is sending SMS to all users so that they know whether their device is registered or not.

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