Mobile Phone related deaths are on the rise: Report

mobile phone deaths

There are two major types of mobile phone related deaths, drivers using mobile phones while driving and pedestrians using the mobile phone on the roads and streets.

There was 98% increase in selfie related deaths in 2016 in the US. During 2019 drivers witnessed over 80% of pedestrians grossing roads while looking at their mobile phone devices and pedestrian deaths increased by 27% from 2007 to 2017.

According to the report published by simply insurance, 1400 respondents participated in the survey conducted in the United States, the survey indicates that mobile phone usage is killing more and more people as compared to previous death tolls in the United States.

Here are the key findings of Mobile usage while driving

88% Of Drivers Use Their Smartphone While Driving

Drivers Use Their Phones For Up To 3.5 Minutes Per Hour When Driving

1 Out Of Every 4 Car Accidents In The United States Is Caused By Texting And Driving.

Cell Phone Use While Driving Leads To 1.6 Million Crashes Each Year.

21% Of Teen Drivers Involved In Fatal Accidents Were Distracted By Their Cell Phones.

Over 68% Of Drivers Text While Driving

94% Of Drivers Support A Ban On Texting While Driving.

In 2019 Over 80% Of Drivers Witnessed Pedestrians Cross The Street While Looking At Their Cell Phones

Pedestrian Deaths Rose By 27 Percent From 2007 To 2017

Pedestrian Deaths Make Up 16% Of Total Traffic Fatalities

Selfie Deaths Could Be Under Reported: More deaths could be caused by drivers taking selfies that aren’t reported.