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Mobile Phone Prices to Increase by Rs20,000 as Govt Raises Import Duties

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On Friday, the government of Pakistan has increased the import duties on mobile phones between 15 percent to 44-52 percent.

As per the Karachi Electronic Dealers Association (KEDA), the general sales tax (GST), income tax rates, levy and the duties on the imports of mobile phones have been increased.

Additionally, a condition of Type Approval has also been imposed on the import of used mobile phones.

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Regarding this, Muhammad Rizwan—the KEDA President said that he is of the belief that the recent decision by the government may likely increase the prices of mobile phones by as much as Rs20,000.

Recently Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has started to block the unregistered mobile phones throughout the country.

For managing the unregistered and smuggled mobile phones in the nation, the authority earlier extended the deadline for mobile firms, retailers, and wholesalers to get their phones registered with the telecom authority for using them in the country.

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