Mobile companies evaded taxes worth Rs.400 billion—NAB Chairman

According to the chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Justice (R), Javed Iqbal the mobile phone companies in Pakistan has allegedly evaded Rs.400 billion annually in taxes to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

The chief issued a statement on Monday when he called on improving tax collection at FBR, he said we should improve our tax collection system according to law, Pakistan is a tax-friendly country for foreign investments but our goal is to protect the tax collection system and ensure the depository of proper tax collection to the national exchequer. The current tax collection is not meeting the potential tax collection targets, mobile phones companies are fleeing taxes which is directly putting a dent in the country’s revenues.

The Chairman also said the anti-graft has 7 regional bureaus controlled by director generals who are directed to resolve corruption-related complaints of the people according to the law. The complainants should receive a proper status of their complaints. Strict action would be taken against the NAB officials if they are involved in unnecessary inquires of innocent people by calling them over and over again for investigations.

The chairman said earlier that we are committed to removing corruption from the country and departments, The NAB will continue to eradicate corruption from the society by following Zero-tolerance policy towards corruption. We are also committed to filing NAB references within 10 months of receiving a complaint.

He said, currently NAB has 76 percent conviction which would be improved further by ensuring transparency, merit, and flawless investigations in order to conclude the white-color case according to the law.

Our mission is to bring culprits and corrupt elements to justice and recover looted money of innocent people from these and deposit it to the national exchequer, he added.

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