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Mobile Application Launched to Report Violations of Tobacco Control Laws

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On Thursday an app was launched by the Association for Better Pakistan—a non-government organization to report violations of tobacco control laws in the federal capital. The application dubbed as “ABP Violation Detector”.

The application would assist the public for reporting the capturing of pictures of violators, which would yield improved healthcare status with the decreased use of tobacco.

Dr Ziauddin Islam—Technical Director of Tobacco Control Cell Ministry of National Health and Services gave assurance of his full assistance for the running of this application. There were just a few nations which have formed such application, while in Pakistan this was the first ever venture. It suggested linking the violation data with the Tobacco Control cell’s website.

Dr Minhaj—the Project Director of the Tobacco Smoke-Free Capital Project during the launch of the mobile application said that it was the time that the modern technology is incorporated to report violations of tobacco control laws. He further said that although there was the law to safeguard the health of non-smokers, the system to report any violation of this law was extremely lengthy and the public is generally unaware of it.

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Shadman Aziz—the Project Manager ABP said that it would be initially effective for the citizens of federal capital but would then be expanded to other areas of the nation as well. Legal actions would be taken against the violations reported by the Tobacco Smoke-Free Islamabad project and ICT administration.

Pakistan propagated the ordinance which bars the usage of tobacco at public places and in public transport. It also restricts to advertise tobacco products, the sale and distribution of cigarettes in the nearby areas of the educational institutions and has made it a must to show the non-smoking messages at public spots.

As per the Global Adult Tobacco Survey, 23.9 million of the Pakistani adult population uses tobacco in any form. Annually 86.7 billion cigarettes are used causing a wastage of three hundred and forty-seven billion rupees in the air every year.

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