MLB Network & MLB.TV are no longer available on YouTube TV

Another shocking piece of news for sports fans is that the MLB Network and TV will not be returning for the 2023 season. YouTube sent an email to its subscribers today with more information about this change.

According to this email, their deal has already ended on January 31, 2023. It was clarified in the email that it includes MLB Network along with standalone channels on YouTube TV. As the expiration date has passed, there will be no content available related to these channels. Those who were on a subscription plan for these channels will not be charged anymore. Also, those who were on monthly subscriptions have been refunded during the off-season.

Although it’s not that big of an issue. You are just no longer able to subscribe to and watch MLB TV through YouTube. Furthermore, YouTube did not offer any discounts on these services. It was simply a means of accessing the services. You can access these channels by signing up on their actual platforms.

YouTube TV is just another platform without MLB TV

Surprisingly, for the 2023 season, YouTube TV is one of the few without MLB.TV. Interestingly, it is available on DIRECTV Stream, FuboTV, and Sling TV, but not on the base plan. FuboTV will charge you $86 per month for the service plus $11 per month for the add-on. You must pay $99 for DIRECTV streaming. unlike Sling TV, which will cost you $40 plus an additional $11 per month for the add-on.

It was a little unexpected to see it completely removed from YouTube TV. At least for the MLB Network, it wasn’t just relocated to an add-on. MLB.TV had already been purchased separately. With the contracts of these other streamers ending, perhaps this is the step that the MLB will take in the future. like what Bally Sports did prior to the debut of Bally Sports Plus.