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ML-1 Project to Create 150,000 Jobs: Sheikh Rasheed

ML-1 project

The federal minister for Railways-Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that the ML-1 project would be creating 150,000 jobs. He said that a $6.8 billion tender for the ML-1 project would soon be floated. He also added that the project will revolutionize the railway industry in Pakistan.

As per reports, Sheikh Rasheed also said that Pakistan would get the huge economic advantages from the project in the form of job opportunities and a major increase in the freight business once the ML-1 project reaches completion.

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He also said that ninety percent of the created jobs would be offered to the Pakistanis while the remaining ten percent would be offered to the Chinese nationals.

The minister for Railways also mentioned that the Karachi Circular Railway project was progressing at a quicker pace. He said that under the instructions of the apex court, they would be putting the KCR project on a fast track. He also talked about the preparation of the KCR coaches which is underway in the capital city.

He also said that the railways did not operate any trains for 4 and a half months owing to the coronavirus epidemic and it had led to huge losses to the Pakistan Railways. The minister added that he had plans of making things fine again via public-private alliance.

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