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Minsk Motorcycle Signed Agreements with Pakistan

Minsk Motorcycle Plant (MMZ trademark) has inked three contracts with Pakistan. MMZ mentioned that a positive momentum is welcomed in their trade and economic ties with the Pakistani firms, which would help in bringing the alliance to a new level.

The third quarter of this year was specifically successful in terms of cooperation with the foreign automakers who showed a great deal of interest, relating investments in the automobile division of the auto business.

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All the credit goes to the well drafted international economic policy. As per the agreements with Imperial Auto Store and M.S. Enterprises, MMZ would be supplying spare parts for diesel engines.

In accordance with an agreement signed with Pakistan’s Amwar Agencies amounting to $138,000, MMZ would be selling a batch of spare parts and D-244 diesel engines. Minsk Motorcycle Plant also provides these engines to Minsk Tractor Works as parts for their agricultural vehicles sold to Pakistan.

MMZ would also be supplying engines and spare parts to Pakistan which would then be used for the repairing of tractors functioning in Pakistan’s agricultural division.

Minsk Motorcycle Plant said that it is upgrading its efforts to encourage cooperation with the Pakistani firms, keeping in mind the finance-related issues, and working individually incorporation with other Pakistani partner firms.

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