Ministry Of Religious Affairs Has Launched Pilgrims Complaints Monitoring System

According to News Network International, Ministry of religious affairs has successfully launched an electronic complaint monitoring system in order to provide robust response to resolve problems of pilgrims during the days of Hajj. According to the ministry officials, the system is a comprehensive portal specifically designed to cater the needs of the pilgrims.

The basic feature is the “helpline” which is accessible on both online and via Android application, the Android application named “PakHajj Muavin” is available to download via Google Play store.

The system allow users to register their complaints, queries, and suggestions which then becomes real-time accessible by the officials in Ministry of Religious Affairs. MRS has also developed an SMS service to spread important information to Pilgrims.

In addition to the above services, survey feedback was introduced last year which will be distributed again this time among pilgrims from both private and governmental Hajj packages, on their return to Pakistan.

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