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Ministry Plans to Convert Motorbikes and Rickshaws to Electric Vehicles First

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The Climate Change Ministry has got the plans for converting motorbikes and rickshaws to electric vehicles initially.

The delegation from China—global automobile manufacturers delegation has welcomed the policy framework of the Climate Change ministry for fuel cars conversion to electric technology.

The Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) held meetings with the oil marketing companies (OMCs) on the policy of electric car phase-wise conversion from fuel cars to electric technology.

While talking to APP, an official of the climate ministry said that after getting the approval of the PM of forming a policy framework for the introduction of electric vehicles, the ministry had rushed its efforts to take all the concerned stakeholders in the loop.

He added that during the latest consultative session with the OMCs the ministry has asked the firms to send their inputs on the matter within a week so that the policy formation could be done in the right direction.

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The ministry has plans of converting the two-wheelers first including motorbikes and three-wheelers; rickshaws then it would focus on the four-wheel vehicles like buses, cars, etc, as per the ministry official.

He highlighted that the Research and Development Engineering Company, Lahore was working on the electric automobiles and has formed an indigenous electric bike which costs Rs.65,000 to the manufacturers. He further informed that the fully charged electric bike has the potential of running for 125 kilometres. The company has given assurance that if the government would help then the company would try managing the price at a lower rate.

The official added that electric cars would reduce the effect of oil bill on the company while the general consumers would also be able to take advantage of it at the basic level. The cost of operating an electric vehicle is 25percent of the fuel cost that is used in conventional vehicles.

The ministry official also added that the Chinese delegation had said that the electric cars were an emerging market and that the realization towards it by the government of Pakistan is applaudable.

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