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Ministry of Human Rights to Expand Women Police Stations to Rural Areas

women police stations

The Ministry of Human Rights–MoHR has taken the decision of expanding the women police stations to rural areas of the country for ensuring easy access to justice at their doorsteps.

The project would be commenced by 2020 under which the women police stations would be set up in the distant and rural areas of the nation.

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The MoHR official source said that the majority of women did not report cases of domestic violence owing to the non-availability of a proper system.

He added that they would be training even the male officers to attend the complaints of female in various areas of domestic violence and disputes related to property.

The main objective of expanding the women police stations at the district levels was to offer persecuted woman a safe and secure way of reporting their issues to the police in a male-dominated society.

The official said that the ministry was introducing a number of reforms for women empowerment.

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