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Ministry of Housing Surges Rent of Govt. Lodges

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The Housing Ministry has increased the rent of the federal lodges and hostels by up to Rs.1,500 whereas the rent of the accommodations in the cities of Quetta, Lahore, Peshawar, and Karachi has also gone up.

The rent for the non-entitled government officers has been surged by up to 50percent. The charges of a single room for Qasr-e-Naz in Karachi have increased up by seven hundred and fifty rupees, where there is an increase of fifteen hundred rupees for renting of the family room.

The rent of Quetta lodge’s single room has been surged by Rs.500, while the rent for a family room has been hiked by Rs.500.

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For Peshawar, the rent of a single room at the federal lodges has surged by Rs.500 and that of the family room by Rs.1,000.

For nom-entitled government officers, there has been a surge in the fares by 50percent.

These places have got the status of touring lodges where the government officers reside for a few days.

The notification regarding the surge in the rent has been issued by the Ministry of Housing and Construction.

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