Ministry of Climate Change Seizes 20 tones of Plastic Bags in Islamabad


Earlier today, the Ministry of Climate Change in Islamabad, detained twenty tons of plastic bags during numerous raids.

According to the details, the violators have been slapped with a fine of around Rs.1.3 million.

Zaigham Abbas Deputy Director (Chemical) stated that the polythene bags will now only be used for flower pots and dustbins. According to him, the Climate Change Ministry will also impose a fine on the manufacturers of plastic bags.

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Since August 14th, 2019, plastic bags have been banned in the federal capital city of Pakistan under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Clean Green Pakistan Drive. The distribution, selling, and manufacturing of plastic bags have been made illegal in the capital city.

After the imposition of the ban, it was decided that the producers will be charged with a fine of Rs.500, 000, whereas the sellers will have to pay Rs.50, 000. Moreover, those who will be seen using a plastic bag will have to pay the penalty of Rs.5, 000.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Climate Change raided numerous places and seized around 2.5 million plastic bags in Islamabad. Even though, the government along with many NGOs have provided tote bags as a replacement to the plastic bags.

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