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Minister Vows to Implement Breastfeeding Law

Khawaja Imran Nazir—the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Minister has stated that the Protection of Breastfeeding and Child Nutrition Act would be imposed n full spirit.

While speaking at a seminar organized by the IRMNCH at a local hotel on Monday, he said that an action would be taken against the doctors who prescribe formula milk unnecessarily.

MPA Dr Uzma, Dr Shabana Haider—Member P&D Health, Dr Akhtar Rashid—Additional Director Operations IRMNCH, Dr Naeem Mujeed—Additional Director, Dr Nasir, Dr Zulfiqar, other representatives of the development partners and MS of DHQ and teaching hospitals were the seminar participants.

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Kh Imran Nazir mentioned that the infant mortality rate is alarmingly high in Pakistan. As per a research, he said, malnutrition damages the nation’s economy by twelve to thirteen percent. He informed that the government has formed stabilization centres at DHQ hospitals for the treatment of malnutrition-related complications.

Dr Shabana Haider said that the mother’s feed was a basic right of every child. She emphasized on the need of providing counselling to the mothers relating the advantages of breastfeeding by the Gynae ward doctors. She insisted district administration to play the expected role in the execution of this law.

Dr Akhtar emphasised the initiative taken by the IMNNCH program relating the breastfeeding and child nutrition.

The meeting was notified that four hundred and forty-three cases were decided by the DQCBs during the earlier month. The permission for the hearing was given in two hundred and forty-one cases, warnings were given in one hundred and fifty-seven cases and permission to file FIR was granted in eleven cases. More than twenty-five thousand two hundred and eighty-seven applications were received for digital drugs sale license.

As many as thirty-five thousand four hundred and sixty-four centres were registered under the Centralized Barber and Beauty Salon Licensing which includes four thousand two hundred and twenty-five beauticians, twenty-nine thousand and ninety-nine barber shops and two thousand one hundred and forty paddlers.

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