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Minister Shares Plan to Launch Eco-Friendly Bikes and Rickshaws

eco-friendly bikes and rickshaws

Fawad Chaudhry—the Minister for Science and Technology shared plans for launching eco-friendly bikes and rickshaws. He said that these automobiles would run on rechargeable batteries in the nation.

On Saturday, during a visit to the Pakistan Council for Renewable Energy and Technologies, Fawad Chaudhry rode a battery-operated motorcycle and a rickshaw. As per the minister, the electronic vehicles would help in conserving the energy and in protecting the environment.

He said that the battery-operated vehicles, which were the future of the transportation industry would revolutionize the transportation concept in Pakistan which is one of the largest users of rickshaws and motorcycles.

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He further defined the objective of the government of converting the transport into electronic technology eventually decreasing the dependency on petroleum.

The minister also said that the use of electronic automobiles would reduce carbon emissions in the environment.

He also announced about introducing bottled water brand produced by his ministry. He informed that the water would initially be supplied to the government offices.

He expressed that with the introduction of the cheaper safer drinking water, his ministry would soon introduce a project that would resolve the problems of potable water in Pakistan.

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