‘MINI’ and Samsung teamed up to introduce ‘MINI Incubator’

MINI Incubator, the joint venture between Samsung and MINI, was recently displayed at Gamescom 2023 in Germany. It includes a 9.4-inch round OLED display that makes it unique and attractive to gamers and tech fans. It was showcased inside the exhibition area at MINI. Ten 9.4-inch circular OLEDs are prominently displayed in this cylindrical display tower, which was inspired by well-known science fiction labs. The design emphasizes how essential cutting-edge display technology has been in developing MINI’s innovative mobility solutions.

The specialties of both companies are perfectly aligned in the MINI Incubator. With an emphasis on automotive displays, Samsung Display showcased its OLED tech expertise. One important thing to consider here is the environmentally friendly perspective of the product, which is evident from the reduced plastic components.

Some of the notable features of the MINI Incubator include an adaptable flexible design, infinite contrast, displays that support true black rendering, and the utilization of advanced tech that restricts blue light emission. Gamers and tech aficionados attending Gamescom are captivated by Samsung Display’s stunning OLED Finder Experience Zone, which further improves the overall experience.

Remarks of Samsung Display’s head on partnership with MINI

This partnership excites Brad Jung, VP and Head of Samsung Display’s Mobile Display Marketing Team. Brad Jung is looking forward to providing clients with enthralling visual experiences by leveraging Samsung Display’s unmatched expertise in OLED technology within the domains of mobility. With the aesthetic appeal serving as the foundation for the majority of customers’ main experiences. With this solution, the Head of Samsung Display hopes to enhance the visual characteristics.

MINI has marked its presence for the second consecutive year at Gamescom 2023. It returned to the event as a sponsor and mobility partner. The company’s exhibition booth featured a MINI Lab theme. It was specifically designed for young gamers. Such a smooth blend of innovation and mobility reflects the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the future of gaming experiences.