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Milkar Initiates a Nationwide Drive for the Donation of Winter Clothes


On Monday, MilKar, a start-up that connects volunteers and civil service organizations to work for social welfare, has recently initiated a nationwide drive in association with the Akhuwat Foundation and the Chadar Foundation to collect in-kind donations of winter clothes.

According to the details, Milkar is a community service platform that aims to connect the youth of the country with civil service organizations to promote a healthy community.

With the winter season ahead, a huge segment of the country’s population remains deprived of warm clothing. The social scheme has therefore planned to mobilize the youth for a social cause.

As per the press release, the goal of this community service platform is to connect the Chadar and Akhuwat foundations with relevant volunteers to help them collect clothes for communities in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi, to start with. Volunteers can take part in a number of activities ranging from donation, collection, distribution, etc.

The platform allows people from all over the country to volunteer for good causes with an aim to digitally connect and engage with community service activities across the country.

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