‘Milk ATM’ Concept Introduced in Pakistan

New ideas, innovative thinking, and technology are slowly transforming the Pakistani business industry. Startups are coming up, introducing new concepts in Pakistan. Entrepreneurs are ready to take risks & challenge the current norms & market trends with new ideas.

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So here is a milk company in Lahore, Pakistan that has tried to bring innovation in the purchase of Milk. Mr. Farmer is a premium pasteurized milk retailer that is establishing Milk ATMs all over Lahore called RoboCow.  Similar to a normal ATM, in the Milk ATM you need to put some money and in return, you will be given the milk you have purchased.

The benefit of a Milk ATM is that it will be operative 24/7 for the customers.

Another thing worth noting is that companies, businesses, and individuals are moving toward a paperless, tech-oriented, innovative system. We are adopting new technologies and introducing new ideas to benefit the people.

Presently the company is operating just a couple of these machines and if the system works it will be expanded. For accessing this machine customers can visit Rehmat Chowk Market or visit D3 Market Wapda Town in Lahore. Right now the machine is in its initial stage, so if it doesn’t work, don’t be surprised.

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