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Military Spokesperson Arranges Twitter Activity for Building Positive Image of Pakistan

The chief military spokesperson has arranged for an activity on the most popular micro-blogging site—Twitter. As per the activity the users are called upon and are asked to post such pictures that project a positive image of Pakistan and accordingly win prizes.

Major General Asif Ghafoor—director general of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), used his unofficial, in other words, his personal Twitter account on Saturday to announce about the activity and for seeking the submissions.

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He tweeted referring to all the people regarding organising the activity. He provided the details of the activity and wrote that all one has to do is to post a photo or image of Pakistan. The best three photos would be selected and would receive a prize. He requested that no politics or foreign enmity should be made a part of this activity. He also mentioned that any negative post from anyone would be ignored. The activity has begun from yesterday and would be on until the night of 30th June 2018.

The competition would run until the 30th of June. The top best three images would be selected for prizes. No details whatsoever regarding the prize have so far been provided by the military spokesperson.

In present times when there is so much negativity around and is being spread extensively relating Pakistan on the social media, this personal initiative by the military spokesperson is a good attempt for countering it.

Such activities are needed as it not only keeps the people busy with something positive to look around for but also brings an overall positivity in the society.

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