Middle Class of Pakistan a Potential Market for the French Companies

potential market

France seeks to boost trade ties with Pakistan as it is a potential market for doing trade and investment, as said by Dr Marc Barety—France Ambassador.

While speaking to the business community at the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), the ambassador indicated that 80million strong middle class of Pakistan was an ideal market for the French companies owing to which they were taking an increased interest in the South Asian country.

He said that the present volume of the bilateral trade does not do justice in reflecting the true potential of both the nations and it could further be boosted via strong efforts made on both sides.

The French ambassador also said that Pakistan and France were doing trade in limited items and should focus on the diversification of trade for acquiring better results.

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He also indicated that the EU’s GSP Plus facility for Pakistan had enabled it to strengthen exports by 60 percent to nations of the largest economic alliance.

He proposed that instead of depending on textile products, Pakistan should focus on value-added agro-food products, dairy products, medical appliances and others for further boosting its exports to the EU, including Europe.

He gave complete assurance to the business community that the French embassy would help them in doing business with France.

While speaking on the occasion, the President of ICCI—Ahmed Hassan Moughal said that bilateral trade between the two countries in 2017 stood at nearly C1.4billion, which was not that encouraging.

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