Microsoft’s annual layoffs are surprisingly small

At Microsoft, the annual round of layoffs, which many employees were obviously not looking forward to, turned out to be quite frugal this year. The current financial year is closed with an increase in the workforce. Microsoft always starts the new working year in July and checks where the size of the workforce needs to be adjusted to the upcoming tasks and goals.

In order not to disrupt the celebration of the American national holiday on July 4 with letters of resignation, the concrete implementation always takes place a few days later. “This time we have cut a small number of jobs. Like all companies, we regularly evaluate our professionals and make the necessary structural adjustments,” the company told the US news agency Bloomberg. The cuts would have affected significantly less than 1 percent of the group’s 180,000 employees. Given the uncertain situation in the world economy, this is surprisingly little.

New hiring is already planned

In this regard, management stressed that the redundancies were not caused by the current economic situation. If a similar suspicion arises, it could worry investors and depress the stock price. It was, therefore, made clear that further investments would be made in the further development of the company and that the number of employees would even increase during the financial year.

However, the exact areas in which new hires will be hired have not been specified. Ultimately, however, Microsoft is not entirely unaffected by developments in global markets. In any case, in May, the company closed new employees in its Windows and Office departments. These are directly dependent on the development of the PC market, which has returned to negative growth after a brief boom during the Corona period.