Microsoft will update the Sticky Notes app with a new look

According to some recent pieces of information, Microsoft could redesign its Sticky Notes app. The information about the redesign was shared by Windows Insider FireCube (@FireCubeStudios). The source shared a leaked screenshot that features the new color, i.e., light shades of purple. A new purple logo that is suggestive of Microsoft’s OneNote software complements it.

These graphic adjustments suggest that Sticky Notes and the larger OneNote platform may be more deeply integrated. The major features of Sticky Notes seem to have not changed despite the redesign. Your notes will remain in their recognizable rectangular windows, but they will now be tidily arranged in a section called “Recent Notes” for better organization.

In addition to these changes, the app now includes a new and convenient search bar. It will help users locate their older notes easily and quickly. Furthermore, for composing notes, there is a special pop-out window. It features standard rich-text formatting options, like strikethrough, bold, italics, underlining, and bulleted or numbered lists.

Sticky Notes, which was first available only on Windows 10, subsequently made its way to iOS and Android smartphones as well, allowing users to sync their devices seamlessly between platforms. Before, Sticky Notes and OneNote were connected by Microsoft, allowing users to view their notes straight from the OneNote app on a variety of devices.

Although this makeover isn’t the first major upgrade for Sticky Notes, it does represent Microsoft’s continued dedication to improving this popular tool for organizations and making sure it stays current and helpful for users on all platforms.

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