Microsoft uses the Galaxy S24’s circle to search for Edge Copilot

Microsoft is planning to borrow an AI-powered Galaxy S24 feature for its copilot chatbot. Galaxy S24 has introduced a latest tool “Circle to search.” This tool lets you circle anything on the screen to perform search. The circled object on the screen can be searched by Google. Microsoft wants to borrow this feature.

As per information via Windows Report, a recent canary feature for Microsoft is released that includes “Circle to Copilot” feature as a part of Mouse gesture setting menu. These unreleased features are being tested by Canary channel with a limited number of users. Although, this feature hasn’t been released on a wider basis for Microsoft users just yet.

Samsung Galaxy Book users can be benefited from this feature

As per the name suggests, this feature works in the same way as Circle search tool for Galaxy S24 series along with pixel devices. Users of Microsoft can draw a circle anywhere on the screen using mouse, that’ll result in various results for Edge Copilot Sidebar.

While the Galaxy S24 established the standard by introducing Circle to Search, it is possible that comparable features may soon be available on other platforms. Users of Galaxy Books who may become fond of the Circle to Search function on their Galaxy S24 phones and soon be yearning for a similar feature on their Samsung laptops may appreciate such a tool in the case of Microsoft Edge.

Since Circle to Copilot has no stated release date, it’s currently unknown when Microsoft intends to make this Copilot-enabled product available on the Edge channel. It would be interesting to see if Google expands the availability of its Edge browser for Windows desktops and laptops in response to Microsoft adding this feature to Chrome on desktop browsers.