Microsoft to Bring Internet Access to 40 million People by 2022

internet access

Microsoft plans to bring internet access to 40 million people by 2022.

As per the statistics available for the last year, nearly half of the world’s population is now using or connected to the Internet. This definitely is a positive achievement, but the flip side of that number is that there are still billions of people who are deprived of the internet facility.

The 2017 Airband initiatives of Microsoft arranged the efforts for building out internet access across the United States, and now it is applying the same method to its work access in Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

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Microsoft has got the plans of connecting 40 million people across the globe to the internet by 2022. At the start, the company would be focusing on the rural and remote communities and areas in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa, then later in the other regions.

The company aims to employ a four-part approach that would be focusing on working with local ISPs and communities for building affordable and trustworthy internet access.

Microsoft is nagging at the regulators for access to the TV White Space (TVWS), which are the wireless frequencies that could be repurposed for delivering internet access across a wider area.

On the announcement blog post, Shelley McKinley—the head of technology and corporate responsibility, Microsoft wrote that a wireless technology or a business model that is best for linking customers in one area might not be the best choice for connecting the customers in some other area.

He added that as per their experience multi-stakeholder approach is needed for filling the connectivity gap.

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