Microsoft Teams will turn down its most obnoxious channel with its latest update

As Microsoft released a new update, it might soon be a little easier to find some quiet from the never-ending barrage of Microsoft Teams messages and alerts. The video conferencing service will now let users hide any general channels in their office or organization, as was first announced earlier this year. According to Microsoft, this will help you “focus on the channels that matter most to you.”

The innovation, which is now slated for universal release according to the official Microsoft 365 roadmap, could boost productivity for all Microsoft Teams users by presumably reducing the number of annoying or inconvenient pings or notifications.

Microsoft Teams channels

Users of Windows, Mac, and the web, as well as those using Android and iOS mobile devices, can download the update. It will also be accessible to users of various cloud instances, just like users with wide availability. The Microsoft Teams launch is the most recent in a line of changes and enhancements made by the firm in an effort to keep the service user-friendly and less invasive.

This includes a new upgrade that will eliminate the need for users to switch between apps and services in order to suppress obtrusive pop-ups or alerts by allowing them to adjust calendar notifications right within their Microsoft Teams Activity Feed.

Microsoft also revealed that it is developing a feature that will allow users to easily divert incoming calls to voicemail without having to answer or decline them. This feature will allow you to concentrate on the call or other necessary work projects without being distracted by Microsoft Teams meetings or calls that interrupt your day.

The platform has recently announced that it is enabling users to save time when trying to send critical notes or alerts between Microsoft Teams discussions by simply clicking on messages. In addition, a new edition of Windows 11 is planned to move Microsoft Teams reminders to the suggested area of the Start menu. This means that alerts for video conferences will be much easier to see, potentially ensuring that you never miss or forget a meeting ever.

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