Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Gets New Drivers For Windows 11 Support

Developer Gustave Monce has been working on getting Windows 11 to work on various ARM devices for some time. An initial installation guide for the Surface Duo 2 was published last month. Now he has provided new drivers.

Gustave Monce, known on Twitter by the username “gus33000”, has shared version 2211.16 of his drivers for the Surface Duo 2. The entire project can be found on GitHub, along with instructions. The developer plans to bring a full version of Windows 11 on ARM to the Surface Duo 2. Compared to the last build, significantly more features work with the new drivers.

Even with the latest drivers, only some of the features of the dual-screen smartphone can currently be used when Windows 11 is used in conjunction with the Surface Duo 2. In addition to accessing the UFS storage, the left screen of the device can be used. 

The buttons on the side of the device, some sensors, both halves of the battery, the modern standby mode, the USB-C port, and charging the smartphone also work. There is still the limitation that Windows 11 on the Surface Duo 2 only uses one core of the processor.

Builds not suitable yet

So far, the touchscreen cannot be used at all to control the device. The right display has no function when the desktop operating system is used. In addition, no connection to the mobile network can be established. 

If you want to install Windows 11 on your Surface Duo 2, you should note that the bootloader must be unlocked for this. As a result, contactless payments can no longer be made with a smartphone. Furthermore, the guarantee may expire.