Microsoft Store: Oracle Linux added for the Windows subsystem


Oracle Linux developers have released the enterprise operating system for the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Another distribution for Windows 10 & 11 is now available. As usual, the software can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Primarily for developers

Oracle Linux is especially suitable for application developers who use a Windows environment and want to test Windows apps and Linux tools on the same system. The distribution is available for free and can be installed without much effort. With a memory requirement of only 130 megabytes, the WSL version of Oracle Linux is relatively slim. The build offered for the Linux subsystem is version 7.9 of the operating system. The release notes can be read at this side Find.

64-bit version required

To use Oracle Linux on your Windows system, you need to install the distribution from the official Microsoft Store. To download the software, a minimum of Windows 10 Build 19041 or Windows 11 Build 22000 is required.

It is also assumed that the user is running a 64-bit version of the operating system. After Oracle Linux 7.9 is installed, the distribution can be loaded by entering the command “oraclelinux79” in the command prompt. You can also click the corresponding button in the Windows system start menu. To install updates, developers can use the “yum update” command. The developers have more information about Oracle Linux on the official website listed for their compact distribution.