Microsoft Starts Selling Spare Parts For Xbox Controllers

Microsoft begins selling repair kits and replacement parts for Xbox Wireless Controllers and the Elite Series 2, allowing gamers to repair their gamepads themselves instead of buying new ones. The Redmond company is starting out in its home market in the USA.

New isn’t always better

The topic of self-repair is becoming increasingly important at Microsoft. Selling individual components for Surface devices is now being followed by replacement parts for Xbox controllers. The repair kits are available for both the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 and the Classic Xbox Wireless Controller.

The online shop of the Redmond company sells, among other things, top cases (top of the housing) and button sets including shoulder buttons (triggers), a control pad, and analog sticks. In addition, printed circuit boards (PCBA) for input and control of the vibration motor are for sale. The kits start at $19.99 for the wireless controller and $23.99 for the Elite Series 2.

Microsoft sells its replacement parts in black (Carbon Black) and white color variants (Robot White) and is initially limiting the selection to new controllers with a cut-out for the Share button. These were introduced with the Xbox Series X and Series S over two years ago and should be widespread. Suitable instructions and videos are also available for laypersons to make repairs easier.

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